Faster Access To OD Talent

KMK is the industry leader in preparing OD students to pass their board exams.  Now, KMK is extending that 15+ month relationship with OD Careers.  KMK helps OD students launch their careers by connecting them with employers.  KMK “alumni” also constitute nearly 2/3 of practicing OD’s, and KMK connects employers with OD’s looking to make a move.

The KMK Difference

An un-paralleled relationship

Nearly 98% of OD students and 2/3 of practicing OD’s have spent 15+ months with KMK, prepping for their board exams.  Through this, we’ve helped them pass the most important exams of their professional lives, and we come out of it with a relationship that is un-paralleled in our profession.


OD Grads

Practicing OD's

Months with us

We have valuable information about students, which we can share with you

We have access to students, which we can facilitate for you

We have credibility with students, which we can impute to you

Solving a major problem

Given our unique relationship with OD’s – especially upcoming and new grads – we can help you identify, connect with and hire great candidates more quickly and inexpensively than other market solutions

Avg. Cost to hire recruiter 


  • 78% 78%

Avg. time to fill OD opening

4 – 6 Months

  • 60% 60%

Employer Satisfaction


  • 40% 40%

Filling OD jobs more efficiently 

Our team will connect your organization with candidates who are likely to stay with you for a long time.  We strive for great fits, not just a filled position.


  • Targeted recruitment marketing to 1,000+ upcoming and new OD grads annually, in addition to our growing network of current OD practitioners
  • Referral of pre-screened, vetted candidates who have chosen you
  • Robust candidate profiles, including resume, professional experience, 4+ geographical ties, specialties, technology prowess
  • Dedicated career advisers who share personal motivations of candidates that don’t show up “on paper” (life events, relationships)
  • Support through interview and offer process
  • Candidate tenure guarantee


Dr. Kyle

Dr. Cheatham is the founder of KMK.  He also owns and operates Vision Specialists, which has five optometry clinics in Omaha, Nebraska.  In his two decades of experience in the optical industry, Dr. Cheatham has worked extensively both preparing students to launch into their career (the candidate side) and managing several practices (the employer side).  He is keenly aware of the needs, desires and goals of candidates and employers, and launched KMK to address those in an efficient way.



Phil Belin is the president and chief strategy officer of KMK.  Before joining KMK, Phil practiced law where he counseled over 3,000 medical professionals and number ours practices on employment and business matters.  Time and time again, he has facilitated matches of job candidates with employers, and he looks to do the same (and more) with KMK.

Enterprise Accounts + Operations


Becca takes care of KMK’s employer partners ensuring we deliver the best talent to the best places.  She loves building the bridge between those looking for their dream career and the employers that have them. With a social impact heart, Becca always ensures that all we do at KMK is through the lens of impacting lives for the better.

OD Career Advisor 

Dr. April

April graduated from PCO at Salus University in 2009. As an optometrist herself over the last decade she has practiced in a variety of settings.  She has a wealth of knowledge she is eager to share with students regarding her experiences. She knows first-hand the stressors that come with finding the ideal job opportunity upon graduation.

Her goal is to utilize her knowledge in the field to help students find and maximize career opportunities so that their own journey in this field can start smoothly.

Personal. Relational. Efficient. 

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